Bleeding Bastards

Doesn’t Recommend
Neutral Outlook
Disapproves of CEO
I worked at full-time
Great building, lots of perks. Lot’s of great fellow employees.
The CEO/Owner can’t be trusted. He constantly flakes out, almost never makes good on a promise. And he discriminates based on an candiate’s looks and age.
Advice to Management
Grow up.
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Response Feb 28, 2017 – CEO
Thank you for your feedback and I’m sorry to hear I’ve left a negative impression on you. This definitely comes as a shock to me, as I have never received criticism such as this. In fact, it’s usually the exact opposite. As the CEO and sole founder of, I’ve poured my heart and soul into the company for the past 7 years. I started this company with a thousand dollars in the bank, without investors, and only the burning passion for success. I have come to truly appreciate everyone that has helped and continues help me along the way. This is why I do my best to ensure that all of our employees and contractors are taken care of from all angles; including competitive compensation, amazing perks, and a positive work environment.

I’ll admit that at times my schedule can become overloaded and I am unable to speak with employees right away. Even when I’m not available, every single employee at can communicate with me directly via Slack (our company chat room), email, or in person when I’m in the office.

As for the discrimination allegation: we have never, nor will we ever, discriminate based on looks, age, or any other factor. In fact, we currently have over 75 active employees and contractors, ranging in age from 18 to 60 years and representing many diverse backgrounds.

Overall, I work hard with the team to maintain and grow the small company / startup culture that made a great place to work. It’s this mentality that continues to drive our focus on maintaining a vibrant, warm, and welcoming environment. I encourage you to reach out to me directly with your specific concerns and feedback. If I’m missing something or somehow neglected to keep a promise, I’d love to set the record straight and show you that I, as well as , am fully committed to our employees.Less


Tired Eyes, Tired Hands

Tired eyes can only see black.
Tired eyes can only look back.
Tired eyes cannot see
The sudden, surprised,

Tired hands can only be used for Self-defense.
Tired hands, when bruised, remain still, and
Without sense.

There is the Law,
It must be followed
In this, His Land.

For this The Paw
Took a nail and hollowed

{Light and Shade
Is what we are made of.
Light, and Shade, and Love.}

Raw Cave, Dark Meat



Bloody raids.

Rich victories.

“No, who said I love you? I don’t love you. Who said I loved you? I never said that.”

If you must talk, say, “this _____.”


Babies in catapults, women in trampolines.

King Chief the Brave tells his Chief Warlock where’s a good place to hide a saber blade, how about here? (Runs him through.)


“We are not-you.”


“A means to eats.”


“Other folks kill us, other folks take our fry. There is a burning disregard that comes down from the mountains after the snowcaps melt in September.”


Animal sacrifice, and the world’s first soap.


“Let’s go fishing?”


A dangerous idea, and a sabre-toothed one, a dangerous and a sabre-toothed idea.


“Should we move to a better cave?”


Someone finally says something nice.

Many centuries, no improvements.

Some language, wrong impression.

Raw cave, dark meat.





Bones In Blood

These are your bones in blood, here? Right here?


You are ground by the parts of you which you will never see?


I told you once, “your quahogs are a mystery to us both, whereas my rock lobster is red and plainly obvious.”


I saw a bird the other day, sitting on a nest full of yolks and broken shells, see? The Mother sits on her mysteries, humans can claim that the throne of mysteries, upon which The Mother sits, is that life which is borne from memento mori, not from out from under us.


What could life mean to matter! Nothing but work, and that endless. If it is like something to be an electron, who’d want to become trapped in an organism with no supernatural predators?


Not it!

I Know You


I know your kind.

You are the type of pearl
Who has trouble
Making up her mind.

You’re a truly sad girl,
Aren’t you?

I always fall for sad, sad girls.


Why do you hide your face from them
When you cry?
Don’t you know
It’s lovely when you cry?
They say truly sad, sad girls
Look their best
When their make-up is a mess
And you are nothing if not
A truly sad, sad girl.


I know you.
I saw you play a homeless guy
In a musical.

And that’s not the only thing I saw.

I saw when you stopped suffering
For South Africa.


I know you.
You’re gonna be the only one
At your funeral.

And you’re not the only thing I know.

You know, they’re having a heck of a time
In West Everywhere.
Maybe you should go?


You will be given a box containing ten squares of mirrored glass to take home.
You will make a small pile of hay bales in your garage.
You will take the mirrored squares one by one and position them in the center of the small pile of hay bales.
You will find a spot in the garage from which you can look yourself in the eye by way of the squares of mirrored glass.
You will throw a knife at your reflection, right between the eyes.
You will assemble the shards of mirrored glass into the shape of a horse.
You will cover this assemblage with a tarpaulin and await further instructions.

This Joke

As we move ever nearer to Mutual Assured Destruction,
Through the smoke one thought remains clear:
We felt something true under false assumptions,
And that was enough for a while.
Except now we see that this joke
Ain’t the kind to make you smile.