That Is True

This is true, so long as the consumer says ahead of time “I don’t want to take that,” and then have a cordial back and forth (about 10 seconds) with the nurse about why the nurse thinks it might be a bad idea.



Americans forget about how weird it is to have all this space to ourselves, everything I’ve learned about Irish history reflects the inconstancy and fluidity not just of what happened, but who the heck lived there. It makes other broad historical claims problematic, for instance regarding the atrocities of Oliver Cromwell in Ireland during the English Civil War. Thousands of people were slaughtered, but it was mostly mercenary soldiers from Wales, Scotland, England and the continent. To understand all the allegiances and armies, you have to spend about 30 years figuring out what the heck the 30 Year War was about.


Secondly, regarding invasions – why is it awesome to be lord of Galway Bay? For trading purposes, right? Galway is first and foremost a sea-port, and with whom were the Conroys trading? Probably the Vikings most of all, because the Vikings had the best ships for trading with England, the Low Countries, Denmark, etc. So it’s misleading to think of Ireland as its own nation-state invaded by itinerant evildoers, because Ireland is just plain made up of the descendants of the successions of more ancient itinerant evildoers who came there, like the Tuatha de Danaan.