Nose for a Mouth Jones




The neurotic seeks “x” which he imagines the psychotic to possess knowledge of. The psychotic himself imagines, experiences even, the possession of “x.” Only the post-psychotic can see the hollow frame of “x” as “x,” that is, as a signifier without a signified, but a signifier that has intense everyday expressions.

Concrete Ghost

What are the concrete ways the noumenal is constructed by humans? (More precisely, from human language’s ability to posit abstract concepts as objects capable of interaction)
What are the concrete ways the phenomenal is beyond our understanding and therefore precedent to human invention?
The phenomenal contains the Real, the best of the noumenal is, for po-mo unbelievers, strictly Imaginary. What objects constitute the Real aspects of the phenomenal?
Imaginary numbers – why is something impossible necessary for the mathematics to work? Physics describes the non-all, the All is noumenal, perhaps the first noumenal move.
Phenomenal realm includes the never-small-enough realm of particles and sub-particles. They were there before we could detect them. Can we say the same for noumenal structures, that they were there before being posited?
Rubbing pollen between thumb and forefinger. Bits get smaller, until what remains is a smear on your thumb, then a smudge, then a tint, then a hint of a tint.
Any direction you look keeps going further. The winds never blow that far, even the wind is fallen. We can posit that, eventually, the universe being donut shaped, we will arrive at the point at which we started. This fabrication quilts the tear of the real fabric of jagged-gapped space-time.
“Fabric aided by elastic mass thread count plasticity.”
Having heaving herds of humans huffing and bluffing together creates the waves that constitute Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance fields. The nerves are stuff, the communication is based on materials, these loops and permutations are labeled as ideas and embellished with rhetoric.
The plainly invented noumenal: God the father; panpsychism; trinity – 3 in 1 sleight of hand; the West Wind; look how synesthesia (in particular the impression of colors for musical notes) summons sensory data from bare nothing, how much of our mundane existence is manufactured by our sensory apparatus?
Even nothingness originates in human minds, there has never been nothingness. But look, we can make a full void, pregnant with potential as what God moves across the face of.
The book of love: feel an internal milieu among family, give it a label (“love”) then reify (“love is a powerful force”) and deify (“god is love”) package it according to taste, people will agree, and their coming together is the reality of faith in the material, and that faith will continue to have material consequences.


“Depressive realism” inherent in point of view, which mostly has benefits we want to keep. In short, it is a side effect of the type of intelligence that makes us most valuable when we are at our best. It is the root of our “bullshit detector,” which makes it the Radix of our ability to Rise Above the bullshit – to be authentic, real, genuine, take your pick.

But it also means that, without tampering with chemicals that can pass the blood-brain barrier, life will be a bit of a chore. Hence, the urge to “feel different.” So then there is our depressive-realist persona sharing time with our “get weird” persona. Make a living with depressive realism and make meaning and joyfulness after work and on the weekends.

This can be taxing on our ability to maintain a stable ego. What do we “really” think about our jobs, or our relationships with others? Is it the sacred or the profane ego which gets the last word?


There can be a silent process going on in any given med line, behind a new consumers’ groggy face where they are calculating the costs and benefits of taking these new powerful drugs for the rest of their lives or saying fuck it and running out the front door, when they see someone getting a mouth check this silent event can become a confirmation of the wrong idea.

And Yet

And yet they will no doubt witness “mouth checks” which other consumers must submit to so that nursing knows they have swallowed their pills. The new arrival will also hear staff say things like “Betty, come get your meds.” “Harold, you gotta take your meds before you leave this building,” “Chester, get your meds before you go smoke,” etc., etc.