Raw Cave, Dark Meat



Bloody raids.

Rich victories.

“No, who said I love you? I don’t love you. Who said I loved you? I never said that.”

If you must talk, say, “this _____.”


Babies in catapults, women in trampolines.

King Chief the Brave tells his Chief Warlock where’s a good place to hide a saber blade, how about here? (Runs him through.)


“We are not-you.”


“A means to eats.”


“Other folks kill us, other folks take our fry. There is a burning disregard that comes down from the mountains after the snowcaps melt in September.”


Animal sacrifice, and the world’s first soap.


“Let’s go fishing?”


A dangerous idea, and a sabre-toothed one, a dangerous and a sabre-toothed idea.


“Should we move to a better cave?”


Someone finally says something nice.

Many centuries, no improvements.

Some language, wrong impression.

Raw cave, dark meat.