I Know You


I know your kind.

You are the type of pearl
Who has trouble
Making up her mind.

You’re a truly sad girl,
Aren’t you?

I always fall for sad, sad girls.


Why do you hide your face from them
When you cry?
Don’t you know
It’s lovely when you cry?
They say truly sad, sad girls
Look their best
When their make-up is a mess
And you are nothing if not
A truly sad, sad girl.


I know you.
I saw you play a homeless guy
In a musical.

And that’s not the only thing I saw.

I saw when you stopped suffering
For South Africa.


I know you.
You’re gonna be the only one
At your funeral.

And you’re not the only thing I know.

You know, they’re having a heck of a time
In West Everywhere.
Maybe you should go?