Wild As The Wind

Q:What did Socrates ever do?
A: He talked.
Q:No, what did Socrates do?
A:Normal stuff. All that matters now was that he talked.
Q:He never did anything, is what you’re saying.
A:Other people did stuff when he was talking.
Q:And he just let them do all the stuff while he was talking?
A:They talked too. All that matters now is that they listened and then they talked to each other, and then they wrote things down about what he had said and what other people said.
Q:What’s the good of that?
Q:What the good of doing anything besides eating shitting sleeping or fucking?
A:So you can make a living! We don’t all have the luxury to sit around talking every day, with little secretaries running around doing our bidding. Sure, we do a lot of talking, but if that’s all we did we would die!
Q:How would you die.
A:I guess we would starve to death.
Q:You know how Socrates died?
A:They killed him for talking to little shits like you.