Juke Bug Audit

– Park a nice car on a bad street, even though you aint there you become the Queen of Indiana Avenue.
– What if Jimi had been just the impressions other people had of Jimi? If there had been no other substrate but people’s words about and impressions of Jimi, there would have been no possibility of genius. No records, No Jimi. Straight up.
– What if Jimi had just been desperate for attention? It’s much better for rock history that he was on some other shit, some sci fi shit, so he didn’t spoil it for himself. It was a blessing for US that he was blissed out, if he had been as hardheaded as he would have been had he been just drinking those three years, Jimi would just have been a lost sideman on some dusty records instead of an epochal instrument of the divine.
– What is an intelligence with no place in the world? What can eyes see from off-stage?
– Modular habitat. Hammock for ferrets. Digital pioneer. Youth life-stage cohorts. {A plosive rupture} Who the fuck are you, Plaidman?
– Upstreet. Downblock. Back streets. Down the blouse. Up the skirt.
– Girl like that…who would have the gall to get naked in front of her? Like with the lights on? And she talks to her friends like you heard her talk to her friends?
– Grow enough bush, you ‘nuch yours elf, Mister Natural Light.
– When your balls are gone, women become toothy smiles and hurt voices. Yup, I’d prolly turn away my damn self.
– Magnetic bubble definition: “tiny movable magnetized material that along with other like volumes can be used to represent a bit of information”
– Pt. 2: “the material is arranged to form a series of parallel tracks that the bubbles can move along under the action of an external magnetic field – the bubbles are read by moving them to the edge of the material where they can be read”

NOTES: Rest and medical necessity, or forced social exile? Medical frame enables guardianship and stripping of rights as a solution. Professionals can also absorb guilt if relations are repaired with family. “Diffuse authority” to a whole range of employees at an institution. Sullivan’s summation: “a failure at being human,” a pervasive threatening sense of one’s self in society. Talk of the “moral career” of a mental patient as a distinct identity from dx, i.e., people with different pathologies can have similar career arcs as “mental patients.” Why so? Because the shared milieu of the institution leads to every individual being treated similarly to every other individual by staff. Once a Head Case, that is who you are until you leave. And when you leave, you will be faced with the task of reclaiming the identity you lost when you were given the identity “mental patient,” when the ceremony of humiliation has been performed by the people with social power over the mental patient, i.e., loved ones and professionals.