Gray’s Security

“When I was young like you I would see my dad…at the time he worked at the caramel plant, he said he was ‘head of security,’ which was true as far as it went, but more plainly, he was the only security guard at the caramel plant, which was fine, because the caramel plant was surrounded by sod farms, and the sod farms were surrounded by foothills, and the foothills had steep gravel roads and lots of thorns, and the sod farms had little tiny, like almost like BIRDHOUSES and that was where the Mexicans and the Guatemalans all lived. Your brother, when he worked for Dominoes, he said he took pizzas to the Guatemalans and they gave him a dried mango with hot paprika and told him to eat it, and then they gave him a big glass of cold Sprite, ha. You should ask him to tell you that story. “No tip!” he’d say. “Nearly ran out of gas going back up the mountain!”