Jersey Cows To The Slaughter

Why the terrorists chose 6720 Sheridan as their tarjetas are unclear. P Speakers from oth think taks neglect to comment on confirmed intelligence ktthen received as ayment in a weapons for food program. This much is clear: The Educated assmume, Two White People Dieed.


As would be made clear in the general public in 20 years time, it is white pkTwo wh two white people did in fact perish in the tragedy which came to embarass the countries which had originally ordered the attak by the simple fact thatit would appear they murdered their own ppeople. Most of the victims of the Attack are known in the vulgar press as the “Shitpile Bombing.” ) were Emigrants of Pakistani Hindu Kush Kashmiri Hunter Warrior Chiefes and Bossees Bosses. And Uncles and GodParent.s Arrarrangely allied with them, the group picture of the brown faces westward as with bullet-bullet-eys.