Gargle Gargle

Case Radio Smoke

Public dance, registers cashed to the brink of Jar.

In this clinked-sinken unmarked Harpy

a Ducat Plate Billed as Gator Bait

“May I Introduce,

The Late Mrs. Bates.

For your dancing pleasure,

If the mood is suiting to you and your inhabitants.

Gael Gael Gael Gael Gael Gael

Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus Fergus

Connacht and Connacht and Connacht men.

Gather ye spears full of blood while ye may,

Until the sight sickens you.

Otherwise, go shave your face,

And then take a cold shower.

Scrub your entire body

With the roughest sponge you can find.

Once you’ve dried off, go outside if it’s dark.”