The Sun And The Moon

Like that is neither healthy nor productive.
Nor…any kind of a way to think. THAT leads
To not shaving,
And eating Saltines and letting white stuff
Collect in the corners
Of your mouth,
And sleeping sleeping sleeping until your
Head hurts.

What that is is EGOTISM.

You MUST project your self
OUTWARD ——————

NOT collapse like a soggy box in the rain.

BE like the SUN


And the PEOPLE

DRAW back your lips and SHINE your white TEETH.

Never be a moon. Never ever be a moon.

A sun is the happiest of heavenly bodies hands down,
While a moon must be the saddest. (No, probably Asteroids are the saddest).

What I mean to say is –
A moon takes everything and leaves you a spook,
What a Selfish Sack of Jerk
Up on a Fence. A sun just gives until it can give
No more.