Institute Hall is an institution in Drury County. It’s a shame it had to close its doors, but the last class (there were 2 of them) was a fitting send-off. {The second month, only NYFG and DNWM are left. Here the cosmic erases the manufactured, with the Malagasy twin Venus offspring apotheosizing what had been a game. Why are NYFG and DNWM still there the second month? Because they are too attached to the identities and narratives they came in with. Much of this is worth keeping, their stories when told together gain something.}

Alumni of IT and maybe even some from the upper floors of the hall itself come down to the Second Month Dayroom to participate, as in a sacrament, in the last days of the game that had shaped them, the game that had impoverished and then enriched them, and a hall that housed flashbulb memories of the thrill of insight.

During Fifth Week, First Month discharges were hashing things out at Lev’s Ledge and The Poor Historian. NWM: Gr monitors the juke-bugs from the attic garret.

UBT could be a worker who plays a different Head Case in the different Day Rooms.

How do you produce productive neurotics from a crop of the American monocultural shards of blank slate?

Any potential Tooters have to sign a non-disclosure agreement about what happens at Institute Hall. {They are able to talk about what happens in the 2 o’clock trip to the smoking patio.}

Institute Hall, aka Tooter Rink

What if the idea of Tooting is broadened beyond loony bin – basically, people pay money to be taken captive, and they don’t know what they have to do to get out beforehand, but it will involve talking. Their lives are never at risk, they are well fed and taken care of, their experience is interesting, maybe every “season” of Instatoots (IT) has a different set-up, with different rules for talking your way out of the Rink. This would make it popular among sales people, if the idea is to set up a situation where the Rink is a recruitment source, and a rite of passage for a certain class of worker (lawyers, Hollywood, music industry, “entrepreneurs”)

“You’re a sinner!” or “You’re deeply in debt!” or “You blacked out and went on a rampage!”

The parodic mode has limits, big limits. Maybe Nabokov transcended this in Pale Fire or Lolita, but at a cost. Having a broader base of Tooting makes it way more plausibly popular among the types of people who are interesting to hang around with