Instant Hooters: Just Add Water

Setting: a neighborhood bar in the rural town hosting the Instatooter’s LARP convention. A group of people talking, some locals, some press, some wanderers, RVers, and doubtless one or two Instatooters in phase 3 or 4 of Instatoots.
Here can be used LIFE STORIES, made up or real, part of the game or part of a real heart to heart. Told to gain trust, told to drop pants, told to score points, told because it’s a bar and you’re the bartender, or owner, or upstairs tenant.
At the bar, the town confronts the game. At the bar, the game uses the town as the live action backdrop of phase 3 and 4, and probably also a pit stop for people on their way to the game, or on the way out of their game. Keep in mind that, after the game is done for one person, they can still talk about it. In fact, that is the only time they can speak freely of it at all.
Have the initial, interior phases be a topic of inquiry for the townspeople. It’s a bit like having a college in your town for old people, and a bit like having the circus in town for teenagers. Young people, still learning the ways of the world, will need a lot of careful and largely ignorant explanations.
Instatoots has reached a let’s say “peak of the underground.” People know about it, in reductive media bite terms, or know someone who has played it. The question implicit in the search for understanding is, “why would someone voluntarily give up their time and effort to pretend to be a “Head Case” locked in a “Facility” will all kinds of crazy problems, spastic “Behaviors”, and obnoxious repetitive “Demands?” The implicit answer, unknown to everyone involved, is that people nowadays do not have the basic stuff by which to weave a meaningful identity. The progress of Instatoots play provides them with raw material they cannot get in their sterile, ideologically blind environments.