A Dark Night’s Watch

At that time {the olden days} the only white settlement was a fort, run by an ex-Indian fighter named General Drury. It was a big fort with a spiked-log fence wall abutting the Musk River. NWM:Gr ( … is present. He was a black man who had run off to join the Indians.

Anyways he sees the horse struggling in the silt, but he knows the front gates of the fort are clear on the other side.

And he knows that he is not invited to come within the walls of the fort without having some business bigger than him that brought him there.

So what’s he gonna say, “Here’s your horse back, Gen. Drury.” They’d say he’d a stolen the horse and hanged him right then and there.

Whosever heard of a black Indian anyhow? I mean, are you black or are you Indian? Anyhow the way your grandfather’s grandfather was able to return the horse to General Drury is the reason this town is here and called Dry County, and it’s the reason my father lives in that attic, and it’s the reason you are going to be night’s watchman. After you finish college.