When You Think

…in a straight line you lose no information but are always downhearted by the search for answer. Some leaps are made landing you now forward, now backward. Still, getting you further than you ever would have got had you trudged. “So, “Barney Grohl reflects from the glass behind the bar, snorting the beer from his moustache. Inert in spirit, no natural rhythms could remind him. Every One to him seemed jealous of an ideal. The Phlegm in their throats contained denatured water. Perhaps, diseased or larvae-infested.In the falling shade of great trees their hooded eyes have never got adjusted to the falling bright sunlight. A Hazel Wand over everything in the Forest. And it didn’t help that everyone smoked pipes all the time. Grohl himself had never noticed in himself the lack of guts, the short bread and short breath of G_-.


Though he has sure seen enough of all that in others. Perhaps they saw it in him, though it is only fair to say that he was not in fact a thoroughbred free-loader, just another mongrelized green-eyed demon in the cage called “Earth.”