Dillinger. Cops and public, or just public?
Barred $ on a fellow criminal,
Put over on cops as a hit on Dillinger.
Everybody Wins.
New York Fuggin Giants.
Five-Oh gets the credit for getting Dillinger,
And are actually doing the mob a favor
By pitching in a hit for them.
Flatfoot on deck’s thinking,

“How’m I gowanna make sure
He’s the guy over here with this?
Lemme tell you tell Salty the Nutcracker
To hear me out with this.
Sammy Nobuglioni,
Bums the word. Don’ wanna be corrupt,
Also I have nothing against Dillinger.
He’s a pretty nice guy once you get to know’m,
He jest rob banks, where I ain’t got money
To begin with. Maybe this is a fall guy,
Maybe this guy is a straw dog.”