“Depressive realism” inherent in point of view, which mostly has benefits we want to keep. In short, it is a side effect of the type of intelligence that makes us most valuable when we are at our best. It is the root of our “bullshit detector,” which makes it the Radix of our ability to Rise Above the bullshit – to be authentic, real, genuine, take your pick.

But it also means that, without tampering with chemicals that can pass the blood-brain barrier, life will be a bit of a chore. Hence, the urge to “feel different.” So then there is our depressive-realist persona sharing time with our “get weird” persona. Make a living with depressive realism and make meaning and joyfulness after work and on the weekends.

This can be taxing on our ability to maintain a stable ego. What do we “really” think about our jobs, or our relationships with others? Is it the sacred or the profane ego which gets the last word?