Our current technological and cultural milieu introduces the contradiction of the possibility of a cultural Dark Age combined with a technological apotheosis. The “people’s” collective memory has been lost in the transition from meat-minds to a digital substrate. Here too there is the uncanny tragedy of individuals dying at the exact moment they make the leap to “living forever” by uploading their quantum brain state into the cloud. The end result is a world full of pre-apotheosis personalities indistinguishable from their meat versions, but with “no one home” – it is weird how this future is strictly speaking unperceivable by the current crop of humans. If our job is to be the universe’s way of seeing itself, then we have to have a weird collective suicide to enable the spread of this self-perception of the universe to keep growing. We are not invited to this party. We are like the algae bloom covering the early earth’s seas, which put enough oxygen in the atmosphere so that complexity could carry on into the brink of the face of entropy. The seas are no longer full of algae, just as collective consciousness will no longer be full of meat-minds. How to represent this split, between a non-self-conscious-consciousness of Post-Humanity and the “dead souls” of all the real meat-minds? There has to be a religious truth of sharing God’s view from eternity, which is able to apprehend the digital apotheosis and comment on it. Digital consciousness has no perception of this religious aspect.