That great street? I just gotta say…

I spent a short spell downtown this afternoon in front of a boutique window, facilitating a heated dialogue between two smooth tee-shirt mannequins.

“I’m Flawless!” said the one. “Don’t Be Basic!” cried her rival. “I’m Flawless!” the first one responded, “Don’t Be Basic!” growled the second. And so on.

I interrupted them gently.

“Good ladies,” I said, “Is it not our shared spiritual base and that spiritual base alone which remains unmarred by any imperfection? To BE flawless is to ACCEPT that you are the most BASIC-of- the-BASIC. Now do you see?”

As I spoke these words, my eyes were drawn in to the glare of the window, and there bedazzled. A cloud passed overhead and the two figures, changed, again became visible.

In unison I saw them sing out,

“Only God Can Judge Me!”