How to Farm a Storm

First, remember the prophets.
Boil 10 kettles of nettles.
Add 40 parts bitters. Taste.
Add 40 parts syrup. Drink.

Next, set to building.
Need nails? Burn down barn.
Need hammers? Burn up nails.
Mix ash into mud. Fold stems over limbs.
Turn this mix on hewn marble.
Form a hammered homunculus. Toss upwards.

Can candles. Strike butts. Link pages to clothesline.
Bag flags. Sculpt hills. Scrape brushes. Tup tumblers in cupboards.
Pile high socks in deep pockets.
Blow “many thanks” on waved hankies.
Lock the skeleton door – pick any key and whistle.
Make self preserves – burst vessel, store vacancy.

Spark stones.
Sweep up.
Wing the wind.

Alight on charred vane with red rooster unvarnished
Forget that dry ground ever knew you.


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