Face-Up In The Obstruct

Cold breath waters winter,
Then our lake effects earthworks.

Plunked mud, junk trinkets,
Bricked without Pharaoh’s straw,
Spat out from chilled lips
Toward town’s hand-sanded walls.

The water cycle has belted out
Blue bergs of bird-mess,
Round post-dock pillars
Gather gull-friends like strung buoys.

Inland: (Hominid)
Toes toddling over Jogging Brand’s circular
Thighs encased as if perishable.
Base pairs, pear shaped:
“Links of Hot Pink.”

Inland: (Avian)
Undrained melt becomes pools,
Drops near May enough to color
When sprung from plumed beaks.

Meantime a windbreaker down by the moss
Grips his Puff Dog to chest, flecks his gaze west-ho a ten-pace:
“Why, it’s the Barred Ape, bare and striped with sun!”


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