Ball of the Air

The fog-cat stride provides a goal in the fog-rock
About which the proposed face
Leaves the putty flaking in the putty statement,
And a dipped cat’s tail is a filter cake.

When the cat migrates into lower jaw’s fierceness,
His admiral-loose step lets the cable through
To bind his lion-clothes.

In throws the ball, curving to his young friend.
Each of the others’ cat returns,
As the love-ball enters nets to unite dog-faced buttocks.

Basic theory: the cat yells to take the catalog
By the living description of mountain-dog to cavern-dog.
A rise in the metal hillock vision; later, we’ll continue the light-rug.

The beam to tear tranquil queen
In the high-vault bleeds the cock-a-roach,
Tarnishing the rotated earth.
You come in, a tongue to turn the reverent gathering
Into rotten bread-terminals in the stair-crown to ask together.

Enter the legend.
Retreat to landslide’s hero.