Media Vida

When it Starts
to obtain the light,
I have not wanted the clash
ridge in the highway
For other humans
of possible molds.

I decide while the public steam
works the decision to obtain me.
The computation I am can pass by the ironmongery
in the sharp matter.

Behind the vehicle,
I saw this truly biased person which I knew.
He is A Plot theoretician.

“You have any Hobby?”
“Does not have.”
“Any Professional skill?”
“Does not have.”
“You do assorted?”
“Has not been assorted.”

Viddy the girl skateboarding
Get her elephant tattoo, say it, “Yes, Crazy.”
These pins strike, but actually, husbands and wives.

The mouse’s thought is filled under the sky with the owl.
The truck is able to perplex him, I am afraid.
The main attraction is the drainage of the warmthermals.
You Permit the incision flax oil carpet
is five US dollar sharpest bits.
The spatial domain can be the consummation.

Most of the time this is only
dry fires at some video recordings.
I climbed under the small bank
With Teenaged Girl Skateboarding.
She has an elephant.
This is perfect symbol.

I have aimed at the bit and lagged behind among the circles.
It passes the hors d’oeuvres.
The incision is long-term.

I feel happy heart.
I have paid attention to fine day.
This girl collides with me.
The deficient confidence in assorted Words.

Later, when the blue doc
Arrived at my model community colored thorn I said
“This is A Quite good matter”
He asked me if I saw
the thing which the people cannot hear.
Or listen to what is seen.
I told him. Sure,
I told him.