Passing the Shore to the Ridge

The sun approximates.

The day shines.

Some animals sing.

Some animals fly.

Nothing is the best.

Even if the sidewalk breaks
They don’t even break stride.

Some glass windows reflect you
As if to sell you.

In some cities
The highest building is a Holiday Inn.

It is like someone comes along to your city,
And then establishes the highest building,
And then leaves.

In some timbered sectors,
The highest tree is a telephone post.

In some timbered sectors, the trees
Cannot receive daylight
Because of a highway transfer.

Transfer the higher ways to those trees
As you drive slow past.

Some fields have been a Farm;
And a Fairground;
And a Football Catch;
And a place to have A Picnic.

Finally everything becomes
Blocks full of houses,
Most of them empty
No matter how many dwell there.

But main roads? Main roads!
Main roads have always been main roads.