Clay Directors of Line

I heard clay directors of line against my window.

Heaven is broken when we speak simultaneously.
Know that it is very old, it is the sickness.

Another dimension is crossed, sort of,
All the time, I remain – abnormally.

There are no times when the name is forgotten.
Dance of procaine and reputation.

I like the fact that the image of the teacher is pulled out.
It is struck and bleeding in the brush,
Scrutinizing the blood while
Imitation Unicorns Drip from an angle.

The proper degree does not have to be.
I have become aware of having been exposed.
If I speak to me, your head is broken
Like the dawn’s good behavior.

The yellow fog could be upset – it was.
As for the rain – it was inhaled.
The apple burnt with the branch
And the sky started the water blister.

The number of quantities of alarm.
You can divide my number or, or you can increase it.
As I look to conformity:
Under God; One Tabulation.

Handling whatever dimension, are we good?
The rainbow which is seen from a plain surface is a complete circle.
As for black hole there is a gloss from the fact that the tunnel quantity of protons is dug, you see,
From the membrane that only goes one way.
Like crystals of sugar in black coffee.