Describe moment?
Kill moment.
Turn moment into description.
Change action into appearance.
Change agent into actor.
Can’t change the light on the snow
Other than by blocking the sun with your body.
Body become snow.
Blizzard become crowd,
And we are back to meaning.

Remember, coffee’s in the pot.
Not waiting for you, but changing.
Coffee changed in your forgetting.
Drink the change in the coffee.
Take the change into the body.
Give the change to the cells.
Leave the forgetting at home.

What is stimulation
And what is distraction?

What is the world
And what is a place to hide from the world?

If there is one thing,
How is it broken into pieces?
Or if not broken out there,
How is the mind broken?
How the eye broken?
How is Tifareth,
Beaming from her cage,
Divided by the bars,
Killed in her escape,
Reborn in captivity,
Like a zoo-lion cub,
With yellow sun to her fur,
And black soil to her paws,
To walk upon
Fake stones on the cage.

The sun enters the eye,
The eyelashes make a prism.
All at once the truth blinds,
Cut into shapes the light makes partners for itself.
One out of every ten people on the street is an hallucination.
Treat every one as a cop and a research scientist,
A bum and an underground dweller.
You may be the one in ten,
You may only dance on the water as long as it takes to sink in,
And the refracted light on the ripples
Creates a theater in the round.
All your remembrance is of this moment,
All your identity is a bubble already bursting,
It has always been and always will be
Disappearing under you.

You give me all your truth,
I take what I want,
Leaving what is most true,
Which is also what you most wanted to give,
In giving, letting go,
In letting go, making room,
For better truth,
Newer truth,
Better truth,
Newer truth.